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GL1200 no power band (help)

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I have a GL1200 Interstate '85 and it seems to have no power band. (at all)
It starts great, idles great (no choke) when warm, needs a little choke to run smooth, run up to around 75 smooth but no power curve at all.

- compression looks good
- carbs sync looks good

Where to start?
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carb kit, probably diaphragm's are cut, get it from Randaks, i would suggest buying the step by step instruction book. You will need to sync the carbs. I had the same issue when i bought my 1200, great power up to 65, then that was it.
No power, If it were a car with catalytic converters they would sometimes plug up restricting exhaust resulting in a no power condition. We would check for this by dropping the head pipes at manifolds and road test, very low vacuum gauge readings would be seen when plugged.

Not likely on the bike:) but does the exhaust feel restricted or make any whistling type noises.

Don't think it is a fuel supply issue as it should run like a raped ape until fuel level dropped in bowls. Does it smell like it is running rich, make your eyes watery, how about plug condition black or white.

Ignition timing would be a good thing to check.

And if it is a new to you bike then other things like misadjusted cam timing, you never know unless you look.;)
And just so everyone is on the same page.

No power is the bike will move, just very slowly getting there. It will most likely be slow to rev up in neutral with no crisp throttle response.

If you quickly open the throttle in neutral and the engine wants to die that is NOT a no power condition and is something else.

Any roughness in the engine or backfiring is also a sign it is NOT a no power condition.

edit I always think of other items later. If you synced the carbs lets hope the air filter is not plugged or the machine has old gas in it.
No power band, from 0 to 80 the power is smooth with no increase.
runs smooth. Good low end power but never hits the power band. So at 60 to go 70 is a long process.
My money would be on the diaphrams, too.
When I was looking for the wing I have I ride one with the same problem. I didn't know what was wrong and he wanted $2500 so I let him keep it.

This man said his bike was like riding a sofa down the road. I think he thought that's just how a wing rides. I had to rev it up to 3 grand to take off. The CM400E I rode to his house would have left his in the dust riding 2up.

So tell me, did you buy it this way? Did it just happen one day? Did it get worst slowly? Inquiring minds would like to know.
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