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GL1200 petcock leaks

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On my 84 gl1200 the petcock just started to let a small amount of gas drip down when ever i turn it to open. But only after it has sat for half a day or so. Are the petcock rebuildable or a replacement? Thanks
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Contact Honda GL1000 Restoration Specialist - Randakk's Cycle Shakk
He may have a rebuild kit, his page doesn't show it and I'm not sure if an 1100 kit would work.

Damn. You don't have a gl1000! You may be working on the wrong bike?
Leaks will be from two places. Most likely the o-ring in the dial. It's not really an o-ring, but more of a band.
There are also a couple of odd o-rings between the petcock and tank, that may leak, if disturbed.
Anyway the band thing isn't sold seperately, nor are the odd o-rings in the back. You can get the internal rubber deely which only stops the gas from getting through the petcock to the bike. It can be ordered through Honda for a buck, or so. I may have a new one. If I can find it, you can have it.
The way I fixed a leak like yours was to take that band out, put a layer of tape in the groove, then re-install the band. It's been working like that for a couple of years.
This is where the o-ring sits.


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So, did you get this fixed?
If so, how?
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