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GL1200 Rear Brake Squeak

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To All,
Over the past winter, I replaced the front and rear brake pads.
Recently, at very low speeds my rear brake has a slight squeak.
I measured the front and rear calipers and they were well withing the tolerances.
Is this as simple as hitting both sides of the calipers with some emery cloth or is there something else I should try?
Thanks for the input.

Ride Safe,
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Often using a little copper slip on the back of the pad stops a squeak. I usually put a little of it in the spots the rear of the pad makes contact. Dont get any on the front of the pad or your brakes will be ineffective.
Also, when you replaced the pads did you clean the pistons before you pushed them in? Gunk on them will get in the seal grooves and cause binding.
Did you clean, sand smooth and lube all the slider pins?
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