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GL1200 Spark Plugs 600 miles since Carb rebuild

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So I had a down day due to rain and prepping for the weekend.
Decided since I had ~600 miles since my rebuild of Carbs good time to look at the plugs.

Now they had about 2K miles on them from last year and other than 2 being rich and 2 being about normal, my carbs were really messed up btw, sync all over the place as were the idle screws and floats they ran.

I should have cleaned them this spring before I fired the bike but just flat forgot. Anyway I had put number 2 and 4 out of order when I took this pic so I numbered them below the plugs.

Basically what I am seeing is a decent looking burn. Back cylinders 3 and 4 look leaner (hotter) than front cylinders. Since I see that the two rich ones are cleaning up, they were a lot richer before just to keep it running about 12-1300 at this elevation, I am happy so far. I don't do much idling/town driving.

I did recheck idle drop and carb sync. Idle drop seemed generally good except #3 didn't seem as responsive as the others. Might need to look into that Air circuit. Carb sync was off slightly so I brought them all back into sync.

Really wish I would have cleaned or replaced the plugs, but limited tools and funds at the time.

Did I mention she runs really good, sounds clean and powerful. Averages about 42 mpg too.
All the Idle screws are at right about 3 1/4 turns out so it would seem generally pretty solid that way as well.


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They look about right to me. As your Wing is running well, I would leave it alone.
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