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rust free tank! guaranteed!


greetings from the uk!

i did a lot of research on tank
lining kits.

1) kreem, por15 all fail badly with ethonol.

i contacted a company in the uk
called 'sureseal' this is two pack
apoxy and it's the same stuff that
lines ethonol tanks (100% ethonol)
stored without any problem.

the guy in the uk has put some
installation videos on utube.
he does ship abroad and I've
personally used this on two kz's
tanks with great success!

1) the secret is to get the tank well cleaned
out, bone dry and plugged and
very warm to the touch.
i created a heating environment
by the positioning the tank on
a wire frame above an oil filled
radiator. i then put an old rug to
encapsulate the heat.left it to
make the tank quite hot to
touch but not burning!

2) the final stage is to measure
out the sureseal and hardener
and heat it up in a microwave.

see the full installation videos on utube!

then pour the hot liquid into the hottish
tank and plug the filler top.
rotate the tank in all directions
making sure you cover all nooks
and crannies!

**** watch the sureseal videos on
utube ****

the tanks lining will set hard
and totally impervious to
100% ethonol!

best wishes

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