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Greeting Wing nuts. :waving:

I wanted to stop in and say thanks for a very helpful site.

first post - alreaady found my answer, I think

I have this problem on a 87 1200 I recently brought home. (GAWD I LUV THIS BIKE!)

I replaced both bulbs when the trouble appeared, no change; - and in my case the tail light indicator varys in brightness

I'm going out to check the sensor now, I assume, if power goes in but dosen't come out, this is the problem?

Edit- We have power in - I'll be getting a new one Monday - (I hope)

Ride on.

Keep the shinny side up!

And this little "Safty device" - seems to be priced at about $100!!!!

ain't dat luv-ly????

ouch, ouch,,,, ouch!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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