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GL1500 Acceleration hesitation off idle

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Hello All,
I just completed a 2 month all out restoration of a 1990 GL1500SE of course it cost way more and took way longer than planned. It had been sitting for 4 years before I purchased it but luckily the gas had not turned that bad I purged the old gas out of the system and rebuilt the carbs. Finely finished the restoration yesterday and was able to ride it for the first time all is well accept that once it warms up I get a acceleration hesitation off idle. Any ideas?
Thanks Much!
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Sync the carbs, there are post on this that explain what you need to do. Ther are also totorials and some vidieos out there. Use the search button to help you out.
4 yrs sitting and the small idle jets ports are probably clogged. Seafoam most likely will not clear the gummed old gas and only a proper cleaning(total tear apart and full soak or boil of the carbs) and rebuild with Honda carb parts or Randakks carb kits and proper synch of the carbs.
You say you rebuilt/cleaned carbs?
Does the accelerator pump work?
Like said. Possible causes.
Sync issue, pilot screws need to be adjusted (when HOT), Accelerator pump not working or low stream, Small vacuum leak.
Take a close look at the slide diaphragms. I've run into a rash of these in the last couple of years. These rubber parts start to deteriorate with age. Also look at the vacuum hoses under the rubber mat that covers the intake. There are hoses under there that are known to leak which will effect the timing advance mechanism
check ur vacume advance also.leake diafram.
Thanks for your input, here is what I have done. By the way I did change out the pilot jets and needle valves along with the slide diaphragms as one was bad also set the floats. All this prior to posting my first post. Since I have synced the carbs and it made a great difference but I still have a slight hesitation when I come off the line. Since I synced the carbs I also checked to see if the acceleration pump shot some gas out of the two top jets and it does. The only question is whether it is the full amount of gas or not as I have never seen just how much it should squirt. Another thing I just tired was to check for a vacuum leak and found a slight increase in RPM squirting under the rubber mat on the left side, yuk! Soo I will be tracking that down now. The hoses looked good when I had the carbs out but... So thats the status, if you can give me some idea the amount of gas should squirt out the upper two jets when twisting the throttle (engine not running) I would like to know.
Thanks Much,
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There is a vacuum fitting on the left side UNDER the mat. On the intake.I think you can see it from the left side cover(alt cover) removed?
You didn't say what pilot jets was used. Our shop uses #60 pilots on GL1500 to cure the hesitation. Pilot screws 2 turns out initially. But that is for the 88-89 Gl's.
Looking at the hoses is not good enough to check the condition, as often a crack or pinhole cannot be seen until you bend or manipulate the hose.
This can show up as a problem once the engine is fully warmed up and hose start to relax. The most common problem area is where a hose has a bend in it.
Also check that the inside of any bend has not collapsed or flattened.
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