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GL1500 Alternator Question

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Was hoping you guys can help me identify a part. I just installed a new high output from Ken Heming from Great guy and very helpful. Highly recommended if you need an alternator.

My OEM alternator on my 1988 GL1500 has this part on it. I couldn't find any reference to it in my service manual and some how-to videos on the Internet don't have it either. I'm wondering if it was added by Honda at some time. Many it's unique to the 88-89 models?

So my question....what the heck is it for? I put it on the new alternator, but I'm wondering if I should just chuck it. What do you guys think?

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It is a radio noise suppression capacitor, many alternators have them. Not sure if it came on the 88 originally.
Boy, that takes me back to the future. It's a capacitor. (see what I did there?)
It is suppose to absorb oscillations (voltage spikes) to reduce system interference.
Yes , it is originally on an 88.. In the parts diagram it is called a "WIRE" if I remember correctly( too lazy to look up the part number) ... How Honda came up with that for a capacitor is ??????? There is a WIRE on it.
Someone posted the value of it somewhere, but i can't find it right now.
The new Compufire alternators don't have one, its built in.
When I bought a high output alternator for my previous 1500 from Ken, it had the capacitor on it... Did you ask him about it???

Thanks for the help guys. Ken confirmed it was a noise canceling capacitor for the CB.

How that little device cancels out the noise on the CB is beyond my understanding. I'll leave it in there since it was on the original alternator and I still have the CB (though used very rarely now).

It does get me thinking about something else, though. I get a lot of noise interference from an Ipod I wired to the stock GL15 radio using an Audiovox unit via the antenna input. Wonder if I can eliminate that noise using one of these capacitor thing-a-mug-jiggies.

Also... do these noise canceling capacitors go bad? Should I replace it while I'm in there now?
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