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I am on a Vredstein Comtrac 175-75. It is not available now..but it is almost the same as the Austone ...6 plys, etc...

I have experienced this weird "push" sensation the entire time I have had it...In fact I can show the idea to you as well in this picture from the Dragon tail...Picture # 305

Notice the lines the front tire and the rear tire are running...?
Not out of shape - but not a true single track..
It is a bit of a push feeling (think race car) when this is like this...

HOWEVER - The tires grip like a dropped cat! When we ran the Dragon IN THE RAIN I was dragging pegs and keeping pce with the group...another 1500 on motorcycle tires, and the CX500 my son was riding in front of me; without a problem...

And that tire now has 19,000 miles on it and it still looks quite new...the best I ever did on 1500 tires before hand was 17,500 with an average closer to 16,000 total miles...

So better grip + longevity = Get used to it...:thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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