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GL1500 carb trouble

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I have a '89 goldwing aspencade 1500,every spring I have it serviced for the year,allways runs good untill late season , oct thats when it starts hard,having to use choke all the time while take off from a stop because of the dead spot in acceleration while take off,unless you get on it hard,I allso use seafoam every other tank,is this a common problem or is it a setting problem with the carbs.:?
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Hello Gary and Welcome to the forum family . The 88/89 are known for this "dead spot " while accelerating . While your carbs may need a thorough cleaning there was a factory repair to help solve the problem . They increased the jet size in the carbs . I think if you do a search here you can find more info on that . My biek is newer , so I dont have the info handy myself . I expect there will some others along with more ideas as well .
I think the kit was for 88's only...and it's debatable whether it was necessary or even that helpful. The flat spot sounds like carb clean and/or vacuum leak.
I have a '89 goldwing aspencade 1500,every spring I have it serviced for the year,allways runs good
Just what kind of service makes it run good in the spring?
We haven't had Spring yet in MN...maybe that's the whole problem!!
Replace, do not "check", do not "vacuum test", replace the two vacuum hoses on the left side by the spark plugs. Vacuum hose is normally under $2.00 per foot. Pull the short "u" shaped one, the one on the left and take it to NAPA or your local motorcycle stealer as a "eyes on replacement" and buy one (1) foot.
Heat from the Left side engine head will affect these hoses over time. They can collapse from the inside and you can't see it or they will have a perfect diameter on the nipple and then taper down off the nipple till they connect again at the vacuum rails. Meaning they collapse with suction and unless you can get a good sideways view you can't see it collapsing.
Because these two vacuum hoses can cause such a myriad of hard to diagnose problems, I would consider replacing them (along with the two sub-filters) every time you replace the air filter. Air Filter - 30 bucks, tupperware almost off, sub-filters - $1.00 or so following Dusty's guide, vacuum hose $2.00. One day job and you get some Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
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Thanks I will try this.
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