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GL1500 CB harnesses

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I finally got around to installing the CB I've been monkeying with and wouldn't you know it, the subharness doesn't have the right connector at the radio end. Same number of pins, but the slots on the connector block for the 'idiot pegs' are opposite the peg setup on the radio. Otherwise the harness is a perfect fit.

Anyone know if they made the CB connection on the '98 Aspencade different from that on the other GL1500 models???

Are the wire mappings different too ... ?

Really bummin' about this ... Thanks in advance.
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The same Hondaline CB kit fits all GL1500 models.
Ben is correct, the Hondaline CB kit never changed and fits all models. Is the kit you have a used one? If it is, you may be missing some parts.
It is used, but The only problem I'm having is the block connector that connects to the back of the radio. The pins all line up, it's the 'idiot pegs' that are preventing the plug from sliddinginto the socket ...

I'm thinking of simply shaving the one long peg to allow the connection. My only concern is whether the wiring is the same.
Is this the plug the goes into the back of the CB radio?
Can you post a picture of the connector so we know for sure where the problem is?
I'll see if I can draw something up thatmakes sense and scan it ...

The block connector that goes into the CB transciever is fine, it's the one that goes into the Radio/Cassette that's theproblem...
I brought a harness on ebay when i fitted mine and the same thing happened. I had to carefully cut out one block with a craft knife. As you say, the pins were in line and it was just one block of plastic stopping it mating together
John ... Thank you for letting me know I'm not losing it and that this has happened to someone else !!! :waving:

I've mapped the wires on this harnessand drawn a diagram, but I don't seem to be able to post it here.

I haven't confirmed the wire mappings are the same, but John's post has given me hope. :praying:

Thanks (as always) for all the help!!!
Glad to have helped. I did mine a year ago and it worked fine (still does) after I trimmed off that one block. Obviously the plug only goes in one way so it's easy to spot the wrong block and it came off cleanly and easily.
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