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GL1500 - Chrome Front Wheel

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I am considering changingtgo a chrome front wheel for my GL1500 Goldwing (NOT Valkyire). So far, the only option I've come up with is getting the OEM wheel chromed (mine or exchange). I realize the 1500 is not exactly a current model with chrome wheels in high demand, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a source for "aftermarket" 1500 chrome wheels with a more "jazzy" look to them.
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I believe most folk simply Polish the stock wheel
Polish to a nice high luster is nice put you must keep up on it or it will get dull with time. The chrome wheel on the other hand will just get dirty and will not lose its shine. I like the idea a lot. Go for it. Good luck and keep us posted here.
Motortrike has chrome wheels for trikes.
for the heck of it I just googled-gl1500 chrome wheel. Came across this post from a few years ago. Hope this helps out some too
I don't know of an aftermarket wheel for the goldwings since the Lester Wheels of the mid 70's.
After having a set of chrome wheels(stock rims chromed) on the 99 1500SE and lacking in the proper cleaning weekly and the rims pitting and flaking, I will only go the powder coat or polished wheels. Brake dust eats the chrome fast.
I thought about chroming my stock wheels, then came up with the idea of having both wheels powder coated the same color as the bike, then adding those little bolt on chrome deals to give it some flash when the lights hit them.

I found a local powder coater who said $300.00 for both wheels IF brought in stripped of the tires and brake rotors and bearings, so all he has to do is sand blast them clean, powder coat then and then do the clean up. He even has a powder that is SUPER CLOSE to my 1996 Shinny Pearl Blue.
There was someone on the ebay doing the exchange for chrome front wheel for $500. I think polish looks better. It takes work to get them a good polish but if you maintain they do pretty good. I polished mine some this year and they look so much better. But I notice they get lots of brake dust quickly. And that promotes the dulling very fast. Good luck with a search.
Both of my GL1500 bikes, the 93 and the 95 had terrible oxidized rear wheels, because they are so well hidden behind the plastic its difficult to say the least to maintain a clean appearance, to the degree that oxidation can go unchecked and you start losing air at the bead seal. I have seen that on several of my older bikes that were in storage for a long time.

I think powdercoating has a strong merit, or even a good polish and a high end two part urethane Uv resistant clear coat. I plan on doing possibly the powdercoat, I have a shop just down the road that will do it. Some people though say the clear coat goes bad, I think they just used a single stage rattle can type. Need the good stuff, like $150 a quart PLUS the hardener.

Would a rear chrome wheel stay pretty clean? maybe, of course what being discussed is the front rim, saw one Goldwing that did a "Black Chrome" on his rims, truly unique and cool.
Chrome wheels have to be kept clean of brake dust weekly or the brake dust will eat the chrome fast once wet.

Yes the black chrome looks great. But you have to keep it clean of brake dust.

Would a rear chrome wheel stay pretty clean? maybe, of course what being discussed is the front rim, saw one Goldwing that did a "Black Chrome" on his rims, truly unique and cool.
There are a couple nice Chrome LOOK powders also! Black Chrome look too.

Not true chrome of course, but looks really close to chrome, all the benefits of powder coat, none of the hassles of real chrome!

I may do my steel truck wheels in "chrome" powder coat later myself. First I will need to build a bigger oven to bake them though.

I always like the looks of those chrome or stainless big deep dish wheels on 1ton dually trucks, ambulances, etc...
Too expensive and not worth it to me and I would never keep them clean enough, but powder coat chrome look would be perfect on mine.
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