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Hi at the risk of you repeating yourself which is the correct attachment for the colour diagram of a 1998 1500 se model,
I have prepared the version 4 of the Color Wiring Diagrams which includes the lighting system of the EuroSpec models which has On-Off switch.
And a minor correction on the version 3 which I have forgotten to color a connection point.

John will add the new file since it is over the file size limit.
I could resize the file to load as a pdf file.
Could you add this file to the first post?

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The diagrams have been taken from the 94 service manual, but as far as I had examined all year models, these diagrams can be used for 1993-2000 models with 99% accuracy.
I was largely absent and missed this "lot of work", but have caught up and down loaded V4 and I just wanted to say ...



Now, I go study. :D
41 - 48 of 48 Posts