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Installed new Progressive rear air shocks on'95 SE. Next:pressurizing them. Owner's handbook sayssystemoperates with ignition on: all 4 buttons INOP. Honda mechanic I called, said enginemust be running: allbuttons still INOP.
Testedthe following per GL maint. manual:
fuse, relay,air pump[12 v.d.c. run directly todisconnected wiring]. All were OK.
About to test all wiring at control panel w/multimeter, to verify12 v.d.c.ispresent
There's compressor system pressure& vacuum control units, mounted on opposite[r.h.] side of rear frame.Would test them next.

Seeking any BT-DT troubleshooting advice here. Not riding our Wing's like John Wayne with NO horse, LOL! TTFN..... Tom
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