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GL1500 Corner lights

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Hi All
Ok this is my first year on my 88 1500. The wife and I just love the bike. Now here is the problum. The other day I took the bike out for a ride I made a left turn then noticed at the next stop sign the cornering light was still on. The turn signal had canceled like normal at the left turn.
I tried to cycle the turn signals the right one came on and turned off like normal. But left one would turn off the yellow turn signal and leave on the
cornering light. So I drove about 5 miles home and the cornering light was off. Is this normal? I do have a gremlin bell on the bike. Im just woundering if I have a relay going bad? and where is it?
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The relay is under the right side fairing lower. Near the radiator.
Do you have the repair manual for your bike?
If you look in the reference and facs section on page 3 there is a post on making the lights stay on all the time that will show you where they are.
cornering lights

Thanks Guys
Start with swapping the 2 relays to see if the problem goes to the other side.
If not you know it's not relay related.
Or it could be a dirty switch contact spring. Have you cleaned all your switches with electrical contact cleaner this year? All the switches need cleaning yearly. Spray in beside the switch generously and work switch bunch of times, spraying lots.
Be sure and protect the painted plastic from drips and overspray. Cover well and use a rag to catch drips.

Let us know what you find there with a reply here.
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