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GL1500 dead in the water!

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Ok guys here goes. I got up this morning to go for a ride and when I hit the starter button she was dead! I checked main fuses and found them to be ok. I checked connections on battery and found the positive side alittle loose. I cleaned both connections and tightened back up. I tried to jump and I got all my dash readings up, when I hit syertewr button I lost dash but bike spins over and does not start. Can anyone help? Bummer, I was supposed to ride with a friend Monday! Next step is to have it towed to shop.

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GL1500 dead in water

Sorry forgot to mention it is a 1992 goldwing 1500

how old is the battery? is it wet or dry cell? is the battery fully charged? the 1500's don't like a weak battery.
+1 on bad batery. Recharge your battery & see if the scoot comes to life. If not you'll need to get another battery....-Rich
Yep, the 1500's are a booger if your battery is at all weak. Did you lose the dash lights only when you hit the start button, (which is normal), or loose them altogether after that one try? Is it possible a fuse went during the jumpstart attempt? If you do get it started, check that alternator output. The original alternators,(Hitatchi), are cheezy. They are exellent when re-built by Ken Hemmings, (a member here). If the alternator's going bad, AND you had a loose battery cable, it may be the culprit. The original Hitatchi in my 1999, whent bad, and ruined my gel battery. Hope you get to go on your ride, jimsjinx
Thanks for the reply, the battery is only about 1-2 yrs old. It is am maint. free. I am hoping that the loose wire prevented it from getting a full charge. Seems like it still would have jumped?
I checked all fuses I could see and all wer good. Hope it will start after a full charge.
When I tried to jump the dash would light up and go out when I hit the starter button. They would come back up when I released the button. I checked al the fuses I could see. Acts like the kill switch is in the off position. Do you know of a specific fuse that would let it spin but not crank? Should I spray cleaner on the kill switch.

I don't know the year of your 1500, however, 98-2000 1500 if the kill switch is engaged and you tried to start the bike you would hear the relay engage and the starter will not turn.
Terry, Mine is a 92 and when I have accidently knocked the kill switch to the off position, it woild still spin, but not crank.
It could be worth checking the two 5amp fuses located behind the battery box. When dirty they can give the same symptons you describe.
A few clues as to what happened would help us to help you. "GL1500 dead in water" doesn't say a lot.
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Dead in the water

Thanks Everyone for your help and words of wisdom! I charged the battery and she fired right up! Also check the alternator and it is working fine. Must have been the loose connection on the battery keeping me from getting a full charge.GOING RIDING IN THE AM!!

Nice when it's something simple. Ride a few miles for me .
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