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GL1500 Electrical

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Hi Wingers
I am experiencing trouble with a GL1500 1991Se. Gentleman filled up with gas afterwhich bike does not want to start.
On trying to diagnose all switches were cleaned and sprayed with silicon spray. battery is good, I tried it in my own wing and it is fine.
There is no spark at the plugs and the feul pump does not seem to operate as well.
I have checked and recheck the fuses and switched the relays around to no avail.
I am missing something somewhere. The bike was stationary for almost a year.
Please any sugestions.. I have not opened the kill switch (only sprayed the silicon spray on the inside after removing the switch on the handlebar) and do not hear the feulpump as I power on the bike. The lights on the dashboard indicating the cruise system also does not light up.
These lights on my 1995 Asp lights up and then goes out after a while as I switch the bike on.
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If the bike has sit for a year, have you checked the battery? These Goldwings are very power hungry motorcycles and if the voltage drops below 10 volts they have a real difficult time starting. Check the battery condition, have it load tested, it isn't good for a battery to sit for a long period of time it can cause damage to the cells. Make sure the battery connections are clean and tight.
I wonder about the bank angle sensor?

Edit: After more investigation I discovered that the engine will not crank with the start button IF the bank angle sensor has failed. I'm assuming yours does crank so that is not the issue in all likelihood. Sorry for misleading you. I did notice in the schematic that the wire from the stop switch goes to the control module and the ignition coils. It seems to me that would answer all your issues. I would take a real hard look at the start stop switch. (I'm assuming fuse #2was OK in your fuse and relay check) Maybe even try jumping it. Terminal #4 at the control module must be hot when the key is on and the stop run switch is in run position. It is a black wire with a white stripe. If that wire does not have 12 volts no spark or fuel pump . It also would not do the bulb check.
Thanks Winger Friends. I also feel that it must be a switch somewhere. I have had my battery in the bike but the problem still persisted.
Redwing52, please assist me with the location of #4 terminal at the control module. I do not have, and cannot find, a service manual for this particular model.
I am also not so on the ball with the terminology.
Before I ripped in to the bike I would check for issues with the stop switch. Much more likely. I bet he turned it off with the stop switch and it died. They have some history of failure . At the stop switch the black/light green should be hot. The black/white should be hot in run. Cold off. Jump those two and if the switch is the issue it should run.

If you click on the image below you can see the schematic. The red shows the flow before the switch. From battery to fuse number 2. (colored orange and is second down in the fuse box) It then travels through relay number 8. (colored light green in the schematic and bottom right in the fuse box) It then continues to the stop switch. (circled in black) If it is in the run position it flows via the blue line. To the coils and control module. (Control module is yellow. Coils are to the left) Hope this helps.

The silicone spray is probably not much help. If you need to clean switches electronic parts cleaner is available most anywhere including Walmart.


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Bump.... See above

Thanks for all the info. How. Oh How I wish I could vissit a Walmart store again. I have been on holiday in the States twice. First in Sept 2008, Texas and NM, and then again in Sept 2012. Travelled 5000 miles through 12 states on my Wing which I bought in Loxley AL. I imported the bike to my country, namibia which is in Africa.
But, we do have stuff like electrical contact cleaner.
As it is allready bedtime I will check that switch again first thing in the morning.
You see why I ride a WING. Because of all the nice people out there.
Thanks friend. I have opened that little stop start critter. Cleaned it and discovered a broken wire. My budie's bike is up and running again. Wow, how these forums means a lot to some-one stuck over the pond without noteable mc.
Have a nice riding weekend.
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