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GL1500 Front axle bolt torque value

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I spent yesterday afternoon replacing the front tire on my 1997 1500. Where can I find the torque value for the front axle bolt? I found the pinch bolts tighten to 16 lbs. Thanks in advance....-Rich
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65 for the front axle. 80 for the rear one.
I have a 1993 factory service book . From this book , section 12-2 it list the front axle bolt torque value 90 N-m (9.0 kg-m or 65 ft-lbs ) . Again this is from a 93 service book . To my knowledge the forks are the same on all yrs of 1500 .

More info from section 15-9 , After you torque the axle bolt :"Measure the clearence between each surface of the left brake disc and the the left brake caliper braket with a 0.70mm (0.028 in ) feeler gauge .
If the feeler gauge cannot be inserted easily , loosen the front axle pinch bolts and move the left fork slider out until the gauge can be inserted . Then retighten the left axle pinch bolts . "
Thank You Gentlemen. I'll be up & riding this morning. Thanks again....-Rich
From my 93-2000 Clymer Manual

Front axle bolt-66 ft lbs
Front pinch bolt-16 ft lbs.
Rear axle bolt- 81 ft lbs.
Rear pinch bolt-24 ft lbs.

Hope this helps
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