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GL1500 Front tire selection question

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Its time for some new rubbers. So, today Im looking up some Dunlop E3's at various online retailers. I notice there is 2 different ones available for the front. One is Radial, the other is bias ply. Same size. The radial seems to be recommended for the 1800's while the 1500 get the Bias recommendation. My question is, how much does this really matter? I have already ordered my Austone earlier today. I currently have the Bias E3's front and rear from the previous owner. They were installed 15000mi ago. The front is smooth in many spots at the typical just left of center condition that seems to plague bikes.
Universals website does not say if it is bias ply, nor radial. It is obviously one or the other just don't know which. With cars they said "don't mix bias with radials". Does that mantra ring true on bikes too?
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If the bias tire already works for you, why change to radial?
This will probably garner reactions from a few, but I have read off one manufacturers site that you can mix radial and bias on a motorcycle but it has to be radial in the back and bias on the front. They didn't specify why but they were adamant that radial front and bias rear would cause a problem. You can also search this site for info on putting radials on a bike originally produced with bias. Short version won't lead you strongly one way or the other as opinions vary. Honda recommends bias for the 1500 and some say not to stray from the manufacturers recommendation. Others have said that ideology simply condemns one to not benefit from new technology. However if I understand your post correctly, you already ordered the car tire so I'm certain your not strictly guided by tradition. Also ask about the dual compound E3, new this spring. But I'm not sure if that was coming for front and rear or just rear.

Ride safe.
I kinda figured I would get the Bias anyway, but, you know how it goes. You see something new that is unexpected, hesitate, and then question it. Didn't know there were two versions of the same tire, and never saw it on here before, so thought I would ask.
Most go with the bias, I have read threads from people in the know to stay away from the radial.

Tire size number will denote B or R after series number for bias or radial.
Sorry to drag this up from the past, but when I went to the Austone on the rear, I changed to an Excedra Max radial on the front of my 1500 and experienced not only better handling, but much better wear than I ever got with the bias tires. The Bias tire will work fine on the front with the Austone on the rear, but the radial on the front was much better.
I bought a Shinko 890 radial for my front tire, and put my own brand of dynabeads in it. But bike is still in the house and there is still too much winter here in Alaska. so it will be awhile before it hits the road.
I am not a fan of Dunlops.
I am running a Pilot Activ up front with my Austone rear and am very happy. Tire costed about $99 and I currently have 15k on it. Probably has 8-10k remaining, but I do not know.
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