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GL1500. Gen 4 questions

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Okay I have a few generic questions.

1. In the owners manual for my 93 Aspencade it says there is a 1/8" plug on the left side wired in for aux input to the stereo. I guess this actually for someone to plug a Walkman into back in the day. I looked but could not see it. Is this on all the models or just the Interstate?

2. Does anyone recommend a good mount for an android phone? Please dont throw in the "I only use Ram mounts" tag line I keep hearing on my boat forum. It looks like you can put on the phone on a couple of ways, handle bar, or on the flat spot about the radio controls. Since the phone has google maps, I am opting to not add an extra mount for a gps. Any pictures would be a good plus.

3. Since the Aspencade did not come with a CB is there a good write up on how to retrofit one? Beyond just the CB is there a good Bluetooth setup for interfacing with the intercom system. Any thoughts or slaps to the head are appreciated.

4. For oil changes do you have to use motorcycle oil or will just a premium grade automotive oil work just fine. Im sure this will cause a fist-fight among the purists but its a 93 and the warranty period is long gone.
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...4. For oil changes do you have to use motorcycle oil or will just a premium grade automotive oil work just fine...
Regular SAE10W40 dino oil works fine
1. The interstate has the aux. input, asp and SE do not.
2. All I can think of you don't want to hear.
3. A forum search should help answer that.
4. Delo 400 15/40 is very popular for 1500s.
OK, this might help for your #2 question. I've used these to keep cel phones where I want them on dash boards and other relatively flat surfaces and they work great. They're not just anti-skid, they're actually tacky and things stick pretty solidly to them. If they get dirty and less tacky, you simply wash in mild soapy water, rinse, and they're good as new. Peels right off the dashboard (etc.) too, without leaving any marks or residue. You can cut them to size and shape as needed.

May not be helpful to you...but thought I'd pass along the info.

Delo 400 15/40 and velcro lol
Delo 400 15/40 and velcro lol
Darn I was going to say that LOL

Sticky back Velcro is your friend, self sticks to almost anything (if clean) and easy to remove. One, or several pieces, on the wing and most anything can be mounted there as needed.

The same velcro on my 95 will hold my Mp3 player, or my Gps, or a coffee cup, etc... and I put the Velcro in the car also to match the gps etc... and it's an easy swap anytime to any vehicle with any device, and no expensive mounts are needed for each/every vehicle.
If no longer wanted it's easy to remove the Velcro and clean off the sticky.
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