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For Sale
“Keeper of the Magic”
Here is for sale my beloved Honda Goldwing 1500.

Very reluctantly I have decided to call it a day on my wonderful friend.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to not only buy a fantastic top condition bike but possibly the first production 1500. Yes that’s right this bike carries the chassis number …..021 and produced in October 1987 letters from Honda America and the original owner in America stating that this is possibly the first road going 1500 and was used by Honda America as their press release bike for the West coast of America before being sold to the first owner. (I have included Keeper of the Magic’s life story at the end of this add)
Keeper of the Magic is named so due to the high standard airbrush art work including “the Elder” wizard design by “Myles Pinkney” and airbrushed by Dave Nicholls – on the right side of the bike, images of the Elder creating the bike in a bubble and the bubble being burst and the bike riding off. On the left side the wizard is blowing magic dust and the dust transforming into Unicorns grazing on the rear side pannier with some clever effects this become very much 3D as the light reduces with the unicorns appearing to be standing out from the bike. Many other high quality images are air brushed beautifully around the bike. The rear of the bike is wearing its name in gold leaf on a book binder which has very high impact when the sun hits it.
The most incredible artwork is to be found on the lid of the Squire D18 trailer. “The Elder” in what can only be described as High Definition airbrush picture of a truly fantastic wizard. All artwork can be seen within the pictures but will not do it full justice. All airbrush work was sealed with many coats of high quality lacquer to protect and ensure the artwork is long lasting.

The bike is not just about her artwork and history, the artwork alone would probably set you back at today’s rate to more that the price I believe the bike to be worth. The standard bike has been fully restored and in many areas can be described as better than new. All major servicing is completed with no expense spared, Recent cam belts, new front and rear progressive suspension, Rear tyre, Fork brace, stainless exhausts etc. etc. the standard bike has a Honda line CB which works perfectly as does cruise control and all equipment no excuses on this bike I would not let anything go.
Extras include nearly everything that you have been able to buy from the catalogues over the years this again would out price the outfit if purchased on their own new today. All areas still look new even areas that are not normally seen.
A full light show including one of the best rings of fires on any Goldwing see picture.
As previously mentioned I am selling the outfit with a colour matched and airbrushed Squire D18 Trailer which will set you up for the full Goldwing Touring Experience.

This bike has won many prizes but the best are the international wins-
Best 1500 at the Goldwing Owners Treffen at Kelso in 2009 and the Best Goldwing at the Goldwing Owners Treffen at Wadebridge in 2010. Whilst At the Americana Internationals at Newark she picked up Best Dressed Goldwing in 2011 and picked up best post 1988 Goldwing in 2012. This I take as very high praise considering how high the standard was from the other bikes.

Keeper of the Magic has had mentions in various bike magazines including recognition for her artwork in a copy of Back Street Heroes of all places. I have a full feature in MOTO bike amongst others.

This bike has taken on a life of her own; the bike is one of the very best examples available today with a fantastic life’s story. Any one interested please give me a ring and I am happy to talk about her and Goldwings in general. This is very hard for me to sell, for me all my life vehicles have come and gone and never got attached to any like her. Having originally purchased in 1995 this bike tells many stories and has been an ongoing passion of my fathers and mine. The only reason she is for sale is the sound of little feet! And it has become very hard to use her for what she was built for, for me towing her behind our motorhome is just not the same. If she does not sell I will gladly keep her, so no silly offers.
I fully understand that there are many wings out there that may be cheaper, newer etc but if you want something truly special come and see “Keeper of the Magic” before you commit to any other. I will only sell to a genuine purchaser who will continue to look after this future classic and investment.

Please contact me Derek on 01646 602268 to talk further, the bike is located in Neyland in Pembrokeshire for those wishing to view.


also on e bay uk or further details at

Featured in November’s addition of the “wing span” GWOCGB club magazine.

Hello my name is “Keeper of the Magic” and I have been asked by Jeff Hier regional rep for West Wales region to tell you my life’s story for the Wing Span.
I was born in October 1987 with phantom metallic grey paintwork. I was Hondas new flagship model replacing its previous 1200 version and as such I was now fitted with an all new six cylinder 1520cc engine with reverse gear amongst other improvements.
I came to my present owner “Derek Hackett” on 23/09/1995 when he part exchanged his much loved GL1200ltd for me at Southern Motorcycles Southampton Hampshire when we started our relationship together, I had only covered about 40,000 miles.
My new owner, Derek was very happy with me until we exited Southampton and started to return homeward towards Pembrokeshire on the M27 when I ground to a halt. A quick call to the dealership soon saw me back on my way having required a replacement fuel pump.
Over the next few weeks my new owner and I started to become acquainted with each other, full service and an in depth clean (I had obviously landed on my feet and I felt truly pampered in my new home in Pembrokeshire). However my owner was concerned to discover that I was wearing a 1987 chassis plate and started to research my previous history. In my top box was my previous owner’s information so he wrote an old fashioned letter to him.
A little later a letter arrived back from Robert my previous owner who lived in Yucca Valley California. In this letter and further correspondence my full history started to unfold.
Robert explained that he had seen me being tested by motorcycle journalists in the fall of 1987. Finding out that I was Hondas press release bike was able to purchase me directly from Honda in San Diego just ahead of the main launch of the new model. Robert talked of my adventures taking him and his wife to Eureka California via Route 1 along the coast and inland to lake Tahoe also trips to Arizona, Utah and Colorado as well as several runs to San Felipe Mexico but my greatest adventure and most exciting trip was in 1993going through Las Vegas- Nevada, Salt Lake – Utah, Idaho, Yellowstone park stopping in Cody and returning through Cheyene Wyoming, Fort Collins- Colorado through the rocky Mountains to Ouray, then Durango then through 4-corners into Arizona through Flagstaff and finally back home to Yucca Valley. He explained that I was always perfectly reliable, smooth, quiet and fast for my size but finally swapped me in for a fully dressed Harley but still described me as the most refined touring bike in the world. He also explained that his Grandmother had been born in Wales and had moved to the U.S as an 8 year old little girl, which is now my new home, small world!
My new owner Derek Hackett had also written to Honda America with my chassis number and details that he had received from Robert. Ray Sanders from Honda America explained that records showed that I was a GL1500 and not a GL1200 as determined from my “SC22” but I already knew that! And my model year was 1988 designated by the “J” he went on to explain that the “0” in my number was a type “A” version made for most states not requiring special emission controls. He went on to explain that records showed my build date as October 9th 1987 and that the first bikes are used internally for initial testing and destroyed within the first 12 months of production. They are NEVER sold. Units then become normal production units and the first are indeed used for publicity purposes (Magazines, Bike Shows, Demo units etc..) these units are usually donated or sold to the public at the end of the model year. Making my chassis number of 000021 if not the first road going production GL1500 certainly is amongst the first. I would love to hear from any of my brothers or Sisters owners with a lower chassis number than my 000021 to hear of their adventures and become reunited with them and discover if I am the oldest 1500 in existence.

At this point I was nearly standard having only a chrome top box rack which I have to this day 25 years on and still nice and shiny (take note Kuryakyn) , also Drivers backrest so fairly naked in dressed Goldwing terms. Derek not being blessed financially always seemed to find finances to treat me, as I was fairly standard he wanted to have me dressed to impress and decided that I was to have some plastic surgery enhancements to improve my looks. I was booked in to a top guy who would take the necessary steps to get me noticed. Dave Nicholls from Bournemouth was an Airbrush artist and had agreed to give me a makeover. My theme was to be white magic and the main character was a wizard “The Elder” by Myles Pinkney. Dave then created a design around this incorporating the wizard conjuring up myself (Keeper of the Magic) within a bubble and then bursting into life along one side. On the other the Wizard blowing magic dust creating unicorns that come to graze on the rear pannier all finished of with a picture of a book binder on my top box with my name “Keeper of the Magic” in Gold Leaf and to the front fender a detailed facial image of the elder. My artwork is carried on further to my trailer with an incredible airbrush picture of the Elder wizard on its lid but with Silver leaf on the rear book binder I was away for 7 weeks having this work completed.
In 1996 I started showing off my new dress ware and I received many admiring glances and comments from other men and some women! I was fortunate to pick up some local prizes and certificates for my artwork. I was featured in magazines having a full feature in Moto bike news issue 4 and 5 in May 1996 I even got a mention in BSH magazine for my body art reminding me of my early days as a press pin up girl! I enjoyed my adventures with Derek visiting many Treffen, Wingdings and charity events but unfortunately at the end of 1997 it was time to part company, jealousy had set in by my master’s wife and I was listed as the reason for his divorce “unreasonable behaviour - caring more for me than his wife! Lol! However there may have been more than a hint of truth to this. I went to stay with my new owner Ralph on 28/08/1997 locally I did see Derek a few times over the next few years the first time on my side after Ralph had laid me down in Saundersfoot!
On 26/10/2008 Derek walked back into my life! I hear that he had spent the last few years getting back on his feet having purchased various bikes including several Goldwings including a new 2006 GL1800 that he had sold the day before. Apparently he had been in Tescos when my owner’s wife had bumped into him. Derek had sold his 1800 the previous day and was going to hang up his boots for good. He had not recognised my current owner and she had to explain who she was and explained that I had been stood neglected for a few years in the garage and did he know of anyone looking for a restoration project? Before he knew it he had come to see me. I was in a sorry state with flat tyres, dry clutch, no back brake and seized wheels flat battery and a good thick layer of dust all over with aluminium corrosion every where amongst other things! I was not a pretty site but with only very few extra miles on me since we last rode together.
Derek agreed a price (possibly too much) to rescue me and soon set around to restoring me to my former glory.
After Many weeks of late nights and weekends restoring me I was ready to be taken for my MOT unfortunately after my first trip up the road my rear brake obviously still needed further attention but after a quick re-bleed of my system I was efficient once again and I passed my MOT first time! Since getting back with Derek he has continued to lavish me with presents and gifts! So much so he had customs and excise chasing him for money after purchasing a large box of goodies from America. He continues to make improvements including a full light display; he is often heard to be telling his lovely wife Teresa that “its not new it has always been there!” I have now reached the ripe old age of 25 years old and coming up to 80,000 miles; even though I have entered this age I continue to gain recognition for my youthful good looks. Since being restored I have won Best 1500 at Kelso British Treffen 2009, Best overall Goldwing at Wadebridge Treffen 2010, In 2011 I managed to win best dressed Goldwing at the Americana International event. I have just returned again from the 2012 Americana International winning best post 1988 Goldwing even though I told them I was too old to win this category but they were happy that I was still young enough at heart to win this category as I am seen as a 1988 model. Derek gets embarrassed about these awards as there are so many beautiful examples out there, but deep down he likes the recognition for his efforts of maintaining an old bike and enjoys seeing others getting enjoyment from me. I am nowhere near perfect but he works very hard towards making me as good as I can be on a tight budget.
I continue to be reliable for my owner delivering strong smooth acceleration and good handling for my size. I am used regularly throughout the year rain or shine (A lot more rain than shine nowadays compared to my early years in America). I am used for transport for work, holidays and general enjoyment. I always look after my owner knowing what it takes to keep him fully satisfied I have seen him look at newer versions and hear him talking about getting a newer model but I know what it really takes to put a big smile on his face I might be a little high maintenance to keep at this level but I am worth it!
Areas of replacement include: - New Progressive suspension front and rear, Fork Brace, New Seat, New Tyres, Brake Pads, Discs fully serviced Pistons, Cam belt, Full Service every year plugs, oil and filters, New screen, Face lift front grill, Plastic surgery with spoilers and new under belly. New shiny bits, chrome every where including new cruise boards, Passenger armrests,2nd fuel pump, Alternator, new flashy dials, new 4 speaker sound system, Chrome radiator grill, New grips the list goes on but Derek tells his wife its been there always like her shoes and handbags! It has been said that I am like “Triggers broom” from “Only fools and Horses!” 25 years old but……….New!
I have been out with other riders running against other faster and newer models such as sports bikes but their owners never seem satisfied always wanting to change them for faster and newer ones. On some occasions I have had these owners decide they like me enough to change their mind set and have taken ownership of one of my sisters or brothers (Goldwings).
Derek likes the 1800 very much and believes there were areas where they were better such as performance, brakes but I make up with my superior build quality, gracefulness, and luggage capacity and in his honest opinion my better known Goldwing looks and not forgetting my affordability.

I often wonder what it is that keeps him interested in me apart from my good looks. I believe it is because I offer variety, such as I am sociably acceptable by most and as he likes to talk to people such as the older chap who liked sportier motorbikes, when asked like which ones? Responded his old BSA 250cc! Or the time when a coach load of holiday makers got of a coach first one asks can they sit on and have a photo? and then he spent the next hour getting the rest of the coach on and off me to have their photos!, or the smiles it puts on children’s faces at shows, The hundred of hours spent with his father coming up with new ideas to improve me, The happiness I bring to his family when I go to shows or we go for a ride together, The hundred of good friends he has made over the years because of me through ownership such as those in the GWOCGB, Or that within his own county he is known as the chap with the Goldwing the list goes on. I keep him busy in the winter developing and keeping me fully maintained…. Goldwing ownership is an all year hobby and just so much more than a few fast rides in the summer months.
Derek and I have been together for a long time now having experienced so many good times. I was there with his eldest Daughter Christina when she was only 2 (now 19) and again with the birth of his new born Daughter Suzanne now aged 7 months, having photos of each. (However at this years Hampshire Wing Ding he was heard trying to complete a swap for Suzanne with Ali’s wife Sue for a new engine for me).
We will probably be together until one of us can no longer be maintained economically and looking at him I know who my money is on to last the longest! But honestly I believe and feel he is my sole mate but know this thinking has got him in trouble in the past and have learnt my lesson and will remain quiet and pretend not to be as important……… but we all know….. The truth is out there!
If anyone sees me out and about please come up and have a chat with Derek as he loves to talk about me and bikes in general. If you bring him a beer or 2 and throw in a BBQ you will find he won’t shut up! This will give his poor wife Teresa a break!

Ride with Pride!

Keeper of the Magic!!
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