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GL1500 hesitation when accelerating, all gears

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I do have off-idle hesitation problem, but also hesitation in higher speeds. Actually, when ever I try to accelerate fast, there's a little time before anything happens and there is noticeable hesitation.
But, if I accelerate heavy, 1st of 2nd gear and continue accelerating through gears (to high rev) there's no hesitation. And I think, that I have mileage ok and after all as much power as there should be.

I read a post about vacuum error, not leak but there is a hose that goes "stuck", I mean that there is actually loss of vacuum. Just can't find it now.

If I release throttle a bit, hesitation isn't that noticeable.

I clear this out more, if I try to overtake a car, I'll have to throttle very gently at beginning, wait a while when the acceleration begins and then twist more.

Suggestions where to begin? Is it very hard to replace all vacuum lines?

Bike is -88 and has now 200k kilometeris in it, so I'm wondering if to leave like it is and ride peacefully, or try to fix this.
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....An accelerator pump failure would compound the problem and be noticeable at your description of the symptom. Check for proper discharge of fuel from the pump nozzles at the top of the carb with air filter removed when twisting throttle....
X2. I have found all the early 1500s I have worked on to have weak accel pumps, even though they did not 'look' bad when removed.

Also, as Newday said, do a search and you will find info on the 88's carb. issues and how to solve them. I have one that is detailed on my 'fix', but not on how to R/R the carb.s as there are enough of those already.

No, checking the vac. lines is not hard once the carb.s are out.

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