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GL1500 hesitation when accelerating, all gears

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I do have off-idle hesitation problem, but also hesitation in higher speeds. Actually, when ever I try to accelerate fast, there's a little time before anything happens and there is noticeable hesitation.
But, if I accelerate heavy, 1st of 2nd gear and continue accelerating through gears (to high rev) there's no hesitation. And I think, that I have mileage ok and after all as much power as there should be.

I read a post about vacuum error, not leak but there is a hose that goes "stuck", I mean that there is actually loss of vacuum. Just can't find it now.

If I release throttle a bit, hesitation isn't that noticeable.

I clear this out more, if I try to overtake a car, I'll have to throttle very gently at beginning, wait a while when the acceleration begins and then twist more.

Suggestions where to begin? Is it very hard to replace all vacuum lines?

Bike is -88 and has now 200k kilometeris in it, so I'm wondering if to leave like it is and ride peacefully, or try to fix this.
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If I didn't know better I'd think you were describing my 95 1500SE. Easter of 2013 we took it out for a short ride and almost didn't make it home. I changed the plugs and fuel filter to no avail. I took it to the local dealer and three weeks and a thousand dollars later it at least ran but it has the same hesitation you're describing. They opened and closed the carbs four times and still couldn't get it to run smooth. I put up with it all year and called a different dealer this winter. They assured me it was clogged jets. Three more weeks there and another five hundred bucks (along with another new set of plugs) and they told me to come and get it. On a scale of one to ten they made an improvement in the one or two range. My problem sounds just like the original post. When I get between 2300 and 2900 rpm she has to decide to get up and go before she does. Even at highway speeds (55mph/2500 rpm) she coughs and flutters now and then. Mileage is good, slow acceleration is good, cram it open and she'll toss you on the back seat! She just doesn't like average acceleration! What I'm saying is, it may not be carburetor related. Keep an open mind!
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