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GL1500 intermittent headlights

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I have a 99 se. replaced headlights with 55/60's on occasion no headlights. most of the time they work. swithed relays with cruse control. makes no difference. all fuses are good.

what is next to look for
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Often times caused by Sticky Starter Switch on the handle bar. On most Honda's the light's turn Off when the starter is turned On, so as to divert all power to the ignition system.

Put a shot of spray lube around the switch button... If the problem surfaces again, then try Pulling outwards on the switch, and see if it goes away.
+1 on the starter switch.

Mine also had an issue when I switched from low to high beam or back. The same spray cleaner to that switch fixed it.
Next time the headlight goes out notice if your gauges are also not showing a reading. The #3 relay can cause these symptoms.
Did this happen before or after you changed the bulbs?
intermentent headlights

thanks for the replies. to answer questions. everything else works except the headlights. dash light, etc. ok.

the problem started after installing new headlights.
Sure sounds like the switch.
Next time it happens, wiggle the button around and the lights should come back on.
I like to open the housing so I can get at the switch itself. I use WD-40 because it won't melt the plastic or damage the paint like many contact cleaners will.
+ one on the starter switch (if you have connected the new lamps correct).
Take the switch apart and clean it !
Everyone may be missing the point here. He said the problem started after putting new bulbs in. I would definitely backtrack on the bulb install and double-check my work.
intermentent headlights

Update. cleaned the starter button with electrical contact cleaner. I think that was the problem. haven't had any problem since I did that.

thanks for all your help
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