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GL1500 Lash adjusters

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:praying:honda goldwing 1500gl all twelve keep pressureising open bike will not start when i take them out clean them till moving free fit them back bike will start on the button runs sweet after a few days it will not start again oil has been changed and fillter genuine honda would be gratefull for any ideas
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This seems to be a recurring issue on your ride, either all twelve adjusters are no good or it is something else.

Could be the oil pressure relief valve is sticking causing high oil pressure although I would expect the oil filter to be blown off by now and I have seen them swelled from excessive pressure OR somebody has been into the engine before and has not set correctly initial valve clearances or done something else wrong.

Attach a mechanical oil pressure gauge to engine and ride it until the next time it screws up taking note of any abnormal readings, should only take two days from your post.:)

After that it will be a thorough check of valve train and heads.:?

After that throw the whole thing into the river.:wtf:
This seems to be a problem that showed up for the first time a year or so ago. Someone say if I'm wrong. Here's my take on it. There needs to be a relationship between the force applied to the adjuster and the strength (seated pressure) of the valve spring. That relationship would have to be that the valve spring pressure would have to be greater than the force applied by the adjuster. If that were not true the valves would do what yours are doing. Now if the valve springs were failing I think it's all but impossible to all fail at once. I have seen on cars where a rare weak spring would cause a miss. But never all. So my thoughts are this. The adjuster must be creating too much force for some reason. I have noticed this only seems to rear it's ugly head on cold starts especially in cool or cold weather. I'm guessing that the cold thick oil spikes pressures and increases the force applied by the adjuster. I have never had an issue as most have not. I always use 10/40 car oil. I don't start mine below 40 degrees as I can't ride it anyway. I think you have all the stars in line and it is really haunting you. Do you run a heavier oil? Diesel oil? I agree with Driverider that the relief valve might come in to play but even if it is working properly it is possible it might not react fast enough or with enough volume released to avoid a spike. Once that oil is pushed in the adjuster under high pressure it's kind of tricky to get it bled off. Some have had luck turning the engine backward and in theory it should work over time. If I were you I would think about thinner oil the 10/XX oils etc. Also if it's cold when you start it some kind of heat to warm the oil before you hit the start button. Heated dipstick comes to mind. I know it sounds like an over reaction as no other does it but if you have/keep the heavy oil it might be a best solution. It's just my opinion for what it's worth as they say.
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oil has been changed and fillter genuine honda
Genuine Honda filter, genuine Honda Oil, or both?
This problem seems to reoccur every three months or so. A lot of people seem to think it's related to oil viscosity, maybe quality. How many miles are you putting on it before "pump up" occurs, and have you tried the correct viscosity Honda Line motor oil?
yes i tend to agree with your comments i bought this bike on impulse so i dont have any history on it thanks
Could you run SeaFoam in it for a few hundred miles? Maybe it would dissolve some crud and clean things up inside? jimsjinx
You say you take the lifter out and clean it and reinstall it? You have to pump them up BEFORE you install them. If they run out of oil, they will collapse.
Given what I read. Do like DriveRider said and check oil pressure!
I have seen NO MORE than 2 go bad in one bike. But having over half bad. Would be the first unless something else is causing the problem.
when i take lifter out they are seized so i have to compres in vice a few itmes to realease them till they move freely i also tend to think what driver has posted cheers
Lash adjusters

thanks for all your posts regarding lash adjusters this is a great site i will be doing what member ( driverider) posted i will keep you updated later on hailstone:claps:
It's good to know you got whatever problem you had sorted out hailstone. It would be better if you post this in the original thread, so we know what it was about.
...It would be better if you post this in the original thread, so we know what it was about.
I've merged both threads Dave.
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