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GL1500 Mirror Screws are a Pain, Fixed Now

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While pulling my bike apart for the 50th time since I have had it.
I noticed that the Phillip screws that hold the mirror on were getting kind of chewed up.

I have replaced the screws on Every Goldwing I have owned.

What you need are SIX M5-30 Cap head screws.
Or you can get the Button Head for low clearance.

M5 is the Size, 30 is the length.

Now you can use an Allen Head Wrench to take them out and tighten them.
And the Bondhaus Ball End Hex wrenches are a dream for this application.

You will thank yourself numerous times when you have to remove or remount your mirrors.

Plus the socket heads wont strip like the Phillip Heads do.


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I did the same thing on my Wing...was able to purchase the screws at HomeDepot in stainless steel!
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