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GL1500 misfiring

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Hi All
I have a 1992 se 1500
about two weeks ago on start up I noticed (heard) a misfire after the engine warmed up the misfire disappear to my relief
Well it has become progressively worse
I have replaced the spark plugs ( it actually sounds worse)I have checked the spark on each plug and they all seem to be operating Stumped!
I need some advice on what the next step should be
Any assistance will be much appreciated
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A skipping in the engine when cold usually indicates a vacuum leak and is very noticeable in the exhaust tone.

No two ways about it plastic or other parts need to be removed to gain access for areas to be checked.

Start the engine when cold and shut down after 10-15 seconds, feel the header pipes for heat, the cold or cooler one is the problem cylinder.
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