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GL1500 misfiring

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Hi All
I have a 1992 se 1500
about two weeks ago on start up I noticed (heard) a misfire after the engine warmed up the misfire disappear to my relief
Well it has become progressively worse
I have replaced the spark plugs ( it actually sounds worse)I have checked the spark on each plug and they all seem to be operating Stumped!
I need some advice on what the next step should be
Any assistance will be much appreciated
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Welcome to the forum Kosie,,,

I would also check spark plug wires (when its cold plus somme humidity) the older wire could have insolation problem beginning, the rubbers is not sealing and allows some electricity out causing missfire ... once warmed up the humidity goes away and it runs fine ( specialy that its worst since you manipulated them) keep us posted ...
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