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GL1500 mufflers

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I have a 1990 GL1500 with what seem to be stock mufflers but they are getting to be pretty loud. Perhaps the previous owner took out bafles? or swapped the OEMs ut for something louder I do not know. the mufflers are marked with Honda on them so I am assuming they are original or at least OEMs.

The sound is actaully sort of cool but after riding awhile it just gets ot be annoying and it makes it hard to hear the radio. (I'd rather listen to the Philies games than the exhaust!)

Can they be repacked? I see there are silencer kits for aftermarket pipes. Or what other muffler would you recommend to get the bike quiet again.

I see most aftermarket pipesare $300 - $500 a pop. is that for one or a pair?

Anyone have any good quiet stock pipes that they took off their 1500 to put louder pipes on?

ken k
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HI: Look up:
Insearch for newOEM 1995 GL1500 muffler set, they seemed to have lowest price.
Right: 18310-MW5-000 / Left: 18410-MW5-000
Last time I looked,were $203.36 each.Keep in mindOEM Wing parts prices fluctuate rapidly [upward only, it seems], soquote may nowbe wrong.
Shippingcost depends ondestination/their shipper choice.
OEM seat in my color[what I call burgundy]: $261.60 [ 77200-MAM-771ZB].
Reverse resistor: Bad one makes a Wingsurge backing up[like mine's now doing]:
$138.98 [ 36280-MT8-003]. Hope this may help others. TTFN.....Old Tom
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I just replaced my mufflers on my '96 last week with a set of '07 HD Dekker pipes for $100.00. Mellow tone at idle & low speed, can't hear them at highway speed. had to make a pair of 45* adapters ( 3/4 " exhaust from Canadian Tire up here) $20.00) to come off the collector box. fastened to my trailer hitch with 2"hose clamp. You can find new pipes on ebay for good prices. :waving::waving:
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Hey 96
Would love to see some pictures of your muffler installation!
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