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Tip for the GL1500 (1993 - 2000)
Ref: Neutral Light

If you are on the road with the following issue........!

You have the transmission in neutral but don't have a neutral light.

Note: No neutral light (with the exception of a burned out bulb) indicates no voltage from the reverse
lever switch to the reverse diode assembly and reverse relay switch (which triggers the relay A).

You have eliminated a battery issue.

You have tried moving the reverse lever up/down a few times with no results (no light).

Note: And you don't have an incline to coast the bike and jump start it in 1st or 2nd gear.

Don't consider yourself for service just the following....!

Check the # 9 start/reverse 5-amp fuse. (Power to the reverse lever switch)

If the fuse is good,

Remove the seat.

Locate the C32 Red 22-pin connector with 22 wires. (At the right rear corner under the seat)

Check for power on the black/white wire at the C32 Red 22-pin connector. There should be power with the reverse lever down. You do carry a test meter OR test light on your bike....right....??

If no power.................

Connect a small jumper wire (about 18 gauge or so) from the positive battery terminal to the black/white wire at the C32 Red 22-pin connector. You do carry a small piece of wire on your bike....right....??

The bike should start and you can continue on home or to a service center.

Then do a permanent repair.

Note 1: Reverse will probably not work (depending on the nature of switch failure) but you can live
without that to get home or to a service center.

Note 2: The reverse lever switch on the (1988 – 1992) has no affect on the starting circuit. It can
affect the reverse operation.
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