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GL1500, New shocks required???

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Top of the day to ya, My 1995 Aspencade seems to bottom out on mid range bumps even though the air shock is pumped to max. No visible leaks on either shock. With 120,000 Kim's on the bike, can I get away with just changing the fluid in them? Off to Newfoundland in 3 weeks so I want a smooth ride for me and my wife.
If I need new ones, any ideas on good after markets? OEM is ridiculous $$$

Signed : still not rich. Don
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Hey Don,

You can take the time to take apart the one air shock, clean it and refill it and test it out. The other shock is a coil spring and may be worn out. The 1500 have a weird two shock setup.

I would recommend progressive shocks. I installed them on my 82 1100 and then a set on my 1500. They were that good. I, along with more than a few people here love them. They really do offer a whole new ride experience.

This is what you looking for…

You’re looking for the 416 Series.

A very good and practical investment in you wing. You will love the difference.

Tim. (Still broke too!)
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Not familiar with your specific bike, but my '82 interstate was bottoming out quite often, and I just added 2 ounces of oil to each shock, by taking the air lines off the top and using a syringe to put the oil in. After reassembling, I put 30psi in the system, and I haven't had it bottom out since then. I had been keeping about 45psi in the shocks, but even going through intersections, me riding solo, I'd sometimes bottom out. May be worth a try!
Ride safe.
I just replaced the fluid in my forks and the fluid in my air shock. Rides like a brand new bike. Not willing to spend that kind of money on new fork springs at this time. The work was pretty easy.
My 2 cents. HAD 416s on our Wing rig. Were LOUSY for a sidecar rig[bottomed out 24/7]! Then obtained their 412-4223C H.D. gas-filled, sealed shocks w/4 rate settings...SUPER! BEST shocks to-date on our rig. TTFN.....Old Tom
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