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GL1500, no reverse

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1989 which has been triked. Reverse has quit working. Light does not come on when put in reverse. Checked all fuses, adjusted cables, spent a ton of money at the repair shop. Any suggestions? PLEASE:praying:
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Have a look at #3 relay, I have had mine go twice.

GL1500, No Reverse

Have you checked the Reverse Lever Switch...?
There is a lot to making reverse work. First place to start checking is the switch attached to the lever. There are other reasons the light might not come on but you have to start with the simplest thing.
There is a lot to making reverse work.
You got that right Dave. The problem is the lack of pinpoint tests along with component location and connector locations from the service manuals. These might be included in a different manual but I have not seen them. With a pinpoint test you can go right to a connector or component and quickly narrow down the offending circuit or part. Honda does not do that with any detail. No excuse for that lack of detail, when I worked for Ford in the 80's that info was readily available in their manuals.

And when working on 88-89 Wings they were unique in their wiring as opposed to the later years.
Does the "R" lamp light at the bulb check when the key is first turned ON?

Check too that the Oil Pressure light lights a before you start your engine and then goes out.

Do you get a good solid "N" lamp when in neutral?

How was the side-stand switch bypassed on your trike? (Varies by trike-kit & installer; there should be a good ground on the Green with White-stripe wire)

I know you checked all fuses, but how? Was the 65A dogbone tight and clean?(part of the Reverse system's safety check prior to lighting the "R" light)

You didn't mention checking the reverse switch (above the oil dipstick). Is that grounded when the Reverse lever is in "normal" operation and un-grounded when you've got the lever in "Reverse" position?

Next step for me would be to pull the connector at the Reverse Control Unit (RCU) and ensure that it's all clean and proper, re-connect just as one final check before walking through each connection to its source on the bike. The RCU only has about 15 connections, so it shouldn't take 30-minutes to discover why the bike or RCU doesn't think that reverse should be working...

Once you're done with the more obvious bike checks, post up and we can walk through the connector quickly to isolate a problem
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