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GL1500, ordering parts

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Now that I know I have to remove the engine to take the tranny apart, I will be having to replace some things which I can't identify till I get in there. Aside from a gasket set, what else will I need to complete the job? Where is the best source for the gasket set? 89 1500
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Your local Honda dealer can be your friend. Give them a try.
There's nothing like having the part in your hand as you pore over the fiche trying to figure out what it is, and a good parts man can be very helpful at those times. Service people too, can help with damage assessment and such.
If your local shop can't, or won't help, then is a good source.
Yep a good Honda parts man is great to have around.
But be aware not all are so great.
When my 88 broke a throttle cable the Honda parts man was not sure if it was cable A or cable B and the cable was laying on the counter in front of him LOL
Big difference in cables! I knew which was which, but I did not tell him, I just went to another small cycle shop and they put a new cable in my old housing for like $10 total instead of buying all new from Honda for the $35!

I also had to explain to them what Honda Molly 60 was, and NO it was not the rear end 80/90 weight he suggested LOL
For the price of parts nothing included for your labor , I'd duggest looking for a late model replacement engine from flebay or a local breaker . Splitting this engine to repair is a time consuming tedious task . It requires a few tools most wont have in the home tool kits .
Wish you the best .
If you can be certain your getting a good unit that is the best way to go , but with high cost of shipping often and some of the bad engines that get shipped, I worry about going far from home for such parts like on Ebay.
That's why I chose to ride to CA. and buy a wrecked bike I knew and haul it back home. I know the bike, I know the owner, I know it's a good engine!
I also wanted to ride to CA. and back anyway just to make the trip. ;)
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