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Gl1500 radio: USA-> Europa

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is it possible.... or better..... does somebody know how to modify an USA radio into european radio?
I bought an used radio for a friend of mine which had the intercom broken, now the with the new (used) radio the intercom works but the FM don't.....
Any help? :praying:
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Contact Wayne at Sierra Electronics. He is a member here and they work on the wing radios

Are they the same radio chassis type?
I doubt anything can be done. The european radio uses a different frequency range for radio then in the US. The tuner in the radio is set up for these. If the circuit board is separate from the intercom board, then you could switch out just the intercom board from the US radio to your UK radio. I doubt they are, as they would be using the same circuits for sound amplification and other functions. Hopefully someone with in depth knowledge of the inner working of these radios will see this.
I know it can be done.... on the 1800 and the 1500 either...
I friend of mine has the USA 1800 with modified radio. A guy in belgium do it. He chages also miles in kilometers....
@newday777 I know Wayne he helped me on a CB. The chassis are the same
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