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GL1500 Rear Drive Dampers

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GL 1500 Rear wheel dampers (rubber things) How much play should there be??
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Not a lot really.
When new there is no play.
New rubber dampeners will easily slide into the recess in the wheel, and the internal metal sleeves will be a very tight fit into the dampeners.

When worn however (around 100k miles), the metal sleeves will noticably wobble inside the dampeners, causing adjacent wear on the big flat/round plate that constrains them all... and create slop in the drive-line.

Hint: It's cheaper to buy a complete low-mileage used rear wheel (for perhaps $30) than to replace the dampeners at $100.
If you have to ask, you prolly need to replace them...
I paid less than $50 for them new off the internet ,very easy to install and they tightened the hub right up.
Wow. I am just under 100k and I have to really pry a bit to get my drive flange out, no wiggle anywhere, so no wear at all yet. Agree with above- if yo are asking because there is some play, go ahead and address it now.
Well I pulled the trigger on dampers, rubber grommets for the side panels, some seals and other stuff; now just have to wait for it all to show up. Good thing it is raining here, or I would be pretty miffed about the bike being down for the weekend.
Ahhh- the anticipation of the delivery...
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