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1.0 = 14 PSI.
To properly set ride sag you need to remove the left saddle bag, then on center stand measure from the axle to a point above it on the frame.
Write down the number.
Now drop the bike off center stand and measure again, this time with the bikes own weight but no rider. Subtract the second number from the first.
Your aprox. sag should be about 1/3 of that number when you sit on the bike.
Eg; if the difference was 3 inches then the magic number would be 1 inch of drop from just holding the bike up to sitting on it. You would adjust the air either up or down to get to that number.
You will need a helper, it's a 2 person job.
This will give you a good baseline or starting point to set the rear.
After that you can fine tune it to your liking.
Of course this is for rider only. With passenger you will need to increase air.
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