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GL1500 Relay 3 burnt wiring

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The wire going into the back of the relay #3 is burnt for the last couple of that attached to the relay board by a female spade connector?.....if so do I just need to pull it out of the relay board and splice in a new section of wire with a new connector or is it something else?.....hard to tell looking at it

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I had that problem, and it was a mess. I can tell you what I did, but it may not have been the best way to fix it.

After I pulled the Relay panel away from the bike, I cut the burned sections of wire off. Then I soldered new wires to replace the burnt ones. I fed those through the relay panel and addded spade clips to the ends. I also put heat shrink tubing over the spade connectors.

There was enough slack that I was able to nnect the wires to the new relay, and slid it in place. I used a little dielectric grease to reduce overheating.

I was blowing relay 3 constantly, and always at the worst possible time. Since I did the fix, I haven't had any more problems.

Good luck on the fix.
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