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GL1500 Reverse Problem Fix

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GL1500 Reverse Problem - could be move few inches only on each time press the start/reverse button.
Every thing look normal, today I clean the start/reverse button box but no use.
Then I check the 65A fuse under the seat, it look ok no burn.
And I adjust again the right side where the reverse bar turning point, it's fit.
Final I open the left side covers, check the switch beside the reverse bar(by the right), spray some cleaner inside to clean only(coz switch look can't open), after, it's sound OK but not help for the few inches move only case.

The only method to move is turn the reverse bar ~3/4 until almost touch the switch beside(but not yet touch) then press the start/reverse button, the bike will reverse normally, so strange?? I think that is some electric equipment problem, not mechanical problem. Do any body know which part got problems?

Pictures attach:

Total press the button, bike just could move few inch & stop;

This position(~3/4), the bike could move normally non stop;


Adjust to fit;

I think reason come from this three wires: White/blue line ; Black/white line ; Brown, but where they connect to??
*Thanks Dave Bohrer told me that :
White/blue wire goes to the Reverse Diode Assembly;
Black/white wire goes to the Neutral Indicator Light Bulb on the dash;
Brown/white wire provide voltage from the 5 amp Start/Reverse fuse.
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Thanks guys, cause Hong Kong have not much GoldWing here and the problems experiment repair also not much too, hoping at your country - the real GoldWing world could provide more answer to me.

Tomorrow, I'll going to double check with a meter on:
1/ The Reverse Lever switch;
2/ Those Power control relay;

*Remind again: Reverse level pull up 3/4 without touch the reverse lever switch, every thing run OK, reverse smoothly.

**Can I keep on using this way to reverse for ever?? :doh:
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Just measure/check the reverse level switch, it work well, press and push with different connect, no problem;

Then check the two Power control relay and the speed limited relay, all work well, have action on 12V connect.

Check again the reverse function, same no change, just move few inches.

:( don't know what to do now.....................
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Do you think this case is same as mine?


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Tonight, I have double check the 65 amp speed limiter fuse under the seat:

First I test it's resistant on both end, result is "0", mean voltage through well;

Then I test the voltage compare with both fuse end, first the in point, result is ~12V

Then test the voltage out point, result is ~12V too. That mean this fuse is absolute work well.

It's too late at night, I have to test the Start Relay Regulator tomorrow, cause I need to start the bike, it will too noise to the neighbor.

Problem going more and more difficult, just worry problem not on Starter Relay Regulator, then I have to open more and more parts to the next point - the Reverse Resistor Assembly.
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Tonight, I checked the Starter Relay Regulator:
the LT BLU+ & GRN- ~1 V when pushed the starter/reverse switch;
the LT BRN/RED+ & GRN- ~12 V when pushed the starter/reverse switch after 0.3 seconds, think it's right cause it's over the minimum 4V;

Basically, I think this parts working normal and pass.

Then I take Inspection on the Reverse Switch, it work normally as the catalog 18-28 said

At last I check the Reverse Resistor Assembly also, all three readers are right on 1.7 ohm, I think it's pass also. But I found the 3P-BRN Connector is crazy dirty fill with some milky grey jelly?? I clean it thoughtfully and reinstall to test again, finally the same, not help on my case.

Oh my God! Hard checking for few days can't find the problem, I think have to send to HONDA HK to repair it...
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Disappointed :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Disappointed America have million of GoldWing, but don't know why can't find many case as me, even found, they could not tell us how to repair it.:?
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HaHa! I Got It! :dude: I Got It! :dude: I Got It! :dude:

What a big bike, just hurt by a tiny parts, a 1/4" long spring inside the "Starter/Reverse switch".

For few days hard searching, step by step, place by place, still can't find any hints.
Tonight, I keep on searching again. I found that tonight even Start the machine have little problem. Problem like electricity contact no good in somewhere... detail to feel and watch again, I found problem may come from the Starter/reverse switch, at the same time, I try to test the reverse function again, it works once! So I decided to open again the switch to check (2 days before I was cleaned it already).
I'm opening and thinking at the same time, what's wrong? It's clean already........ Finally, I found the tiny brass parts springing no good is the reason! This time I add some jelly grease under the parts around/between the spring too. Also lightly pull the spring little bit longer and re-install all back. It Works! It Works! It Work!
Before reinstall the switch, I double check the contact points at the base, and found one of the contact point is no good, just touch near the edge, may be someday will get more serious hurt by the sparkle when pressing the switch, I'll pay attention on this parts on future.

* Steve Saunders also have teaching us how to clean this parts:

My working photos:

Front Look

Back Look

Totally Spring average and balance

Abnormal Poor Spring 1

Abnormal Poor Spring 2

The Bad touching contacts

** Final Comment:
GoldWing always a good bike in my mind, not much maintenance, comfortable on riding, good looking(I like GL1500 more than GL1800, 1800 too smooth without the Hero look...), even this time make me in trouble, but finally it just a tiny problem, just can't find somebody experiment on internet.
Anyway, hope my experiment could help somebody in the future!
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FitzAl wrote:
Well done Jacky. That solution is already here in the Bikers Workshop part of the site in this tutorial;

Its a rare problem, same symptoms as you and this tutorial has pictures showing how to fix the switch, such as this one;

Now go out and enjoy some riding time on your Goldwing.

Yes, I also found that before, but it can't tell us all symptoms will cause from this, at least you can't illustrate that "regular 2 inches stop" symptom. It leads you thinking it is an electronic instrument over load or similar stuff... anyway one more symptoms got one more experiment.:waving:
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Oh my God! For just few times riding, same problem appear again!?! Now have to search for others experiment again ... ... ... : (
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It may be the battery going old and voltage going low, also not ride much and become this case happen...

Tonight I get a short ride to charge the bike's battery, after that I park the bike, try to use the reverse, it looks the same but sometime want to move more than 2 inches, so I thinking may be cause by battery?? Then I try to pull the chok let the engine going higher speed to provide higher charge, Wow! It works! It works!
After this, so I'm thinking is cause by battery. And I move the battery to charge at once.

Let's check after a whole night charge it would be better or not and tell you all. :clapper:
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HogansWing wrote:
Jacky, that is one clean bike you got there.  Do you clean it more than ride it?
I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but don't you have to keep you thumb on the button to keep moving it?  They say you should only hold it in 5 seconds at a time.
I very rarely use mine so I am not all that familiar with it.
Clean - for the reason of we HK winger not ride much, and I simply clean it on each time when I take off the seat installing or repair something. So it looks clean and new.

May be HK is a small place, even street and parking place are narrow, so we have much chance to use the reverse, it's very import here! I think even you don't use it much, but have to always check it is work or not are good habit. Cause you don't know when will need it's help, when the time you really need it but find it's break down, you may get in trouble.

Five second on each push I think is a health habit only.
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Tonight, I try to use the reverse again, still move 4 inches each time :( really headage :? Why Why Why ??? Not the reason of switch, not the reason of battery... ... ... ... :(:(:(
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No. cause I have a snail parking house, every time have to reverse to park inside, even part from front, I have to reverse out. So will get trouble on each ride after.
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Your country.
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wpgfire wrote:
May be a stupid question but I haven't seen it asked: Are you using your reverse with the motor running? Had to ask.
??? Don't know what you mean? In fact I use it over 2 years. Just few months before suddenly become this. Half way of the reverse bar turn, neutral light still on, reverse okay could move but when total move up the bar then neutral light off and the reverse function become 4 inches stop each time.
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Well, my problem still there, just thinking is one of the electric device under the truck box have problems. But it's a big deal to open it. I think just waiting for sometime have to maintain something then try to check it again.
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Well, my problem still there, just thinking is one of the electric device under the truck box have problems. But it's a big deal to open it. I think just waiting for sometime have to maintain something then try to check it again.
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