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GL1500 reverse use

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I have a 1997 Goldwing Aspencade with 21,000 miles. I'm going to have a Roadsmith trike conversion done on it soon. I very seldom use the reverse but will have to use it more often after the conversion. Will the extra use cause the starter to fail or are these bikes made for this and I shouldn't worry?
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Dont worry , the reverse system is well build and wery seldom cost trouble
The starters are very well able to cope with the extra load.
gl1500 reverse use

Thanks for your advise. Looking forward to having it triked, much easier to ride with a passenger. Hopefully I won't be looked down on by fellow Goldwing riders for adding an extra wheel. I could care less what the Harley riders think, they think they're too good for me already.
Last year while riding the upper peninsula I talked to a couple that had "triked" their Honda with a bolt-on kit and loved it. Makes a lot of sense to me.
The starter was designed with this in mind so it should be fine.
I just finished a roadsmith trike kit install on my 99 se over this past winter. The starter handles it fine with no problem at all. The best advice I can give you is to PRACTICE by yourself until you get the feel of it and also remember the trike is wider than you think so take it easy for a while. You'll love it!!!
It would be worth your while to pre-emptively replace the Reverse Switch... They frequently stick, thereby preventing the bike from "electrically" going into neutral.

Item #10 below: SWITCH ASSY. 35370-MN5-003 $13.34
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