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1988 Goldwing GL1500. With air box off I can see inside top of carbs and the right carb has fuel pumping out the top orifices for a few seconds when I hit the key. If it starts....... the orifices start vomiting up gas much faster than carb can use. Left side acting just fine! I have read to lightly tap on float bowl to unstick float or float needle. It sometimes works but the next time you try to start the bike it happens all over again. I can't carry all the tools in my saddle bags to remove all plastic when this happens miles away from home.

I am at wits end. Spent 3 days trying different fixes that I read could be problem. What ideas do you have? What else could I try? I think I have replaced everything.

Changed out:
  1. Gas in Tank with fresh gas
  2. Fuel Pitcock
  3. Fuel Filter
  4. Gas Line
  5. Vacuum Lines
  6. Carb Jets
  7. Float
  8. Float valve needle
  9. Needle Seat
  10. Filter on end of needle seat
  11. Rubber boots carbs sit in
I have tried screwing Pilot Adjuster Valve in thinking it was letting too much gas in. Did not seem to help. Have lightly bottomed it out and backed it off 2 turns, then 2.5 turns, then 3 turns lastly 3.5 turns. Clymers manual calls for initial adjustment of 3 and 1/8 turns.

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The float bowl is overflowing for some reason. Either a bad float valve, bad float or misadjusted float. If you used something other than original parts there's the problem. The pilot screws will have no effect on the fuel level in the carbs.
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Just been thru this.
On each carb there is an enrichment valve.
Check that there is play in the linkages (not holding the valve open)
Good luck
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