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GL1500 SE : Adjusting the ride height and air pressure..

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Can someone PLEASE post a picture of what the screen looks like when adjusting the air pressure of the front and rear shocks on the GL1500. I'm coming from a GL1200 and noticing various differences in the dash such as NO gear selector (1,2,3,4th) other than "N" , the "R" doesn't light up when going in reverse. When pressing the buttons I see nothing on the screen showing an increase or decrease nor if it's the front or rear shocks. Thanks in advance for taking the time to post pic's.
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When airing up or letting air out of your rear suspension, what buttons are you pressing? You have to press 2 at the same time.
If you have air forks, not all 1500's do, you have to air those manually, the onboard compressor does not air those with the buttons.

To change the rear air PSI press the check pressure button and increase or decrease at the same time dendping which you want to do.
Anytime you press the check pressure button it should show how much air is in the rear shock if the key is on.

If you just press the increase or decrease button only nothing happens. Got me on the 88 before with that thinking it did not work LOL
Have to press the check button too.
Thanks for the replys, I was able to adjust the ride height in the rear but their seems to be no adjustment like there is on my GL1200 for the front so I guess I'm stuck. Other than the speed increase I'm starting to like my GL1200 Asp better.
And to fill your tires using a hose connected to the air line inside the right saddlebag, you must turn the ignition key left to the park (P) position and press the outlet button.
The front has a maximum of 6 psi. Best to change the old fork oil yearly to improve the ride greatly.
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