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GL1500 seat grab bars too low

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My wife is short in the arms and finds the grab bars too low is there a fix for this that I can somehow raise them up about 3 inches
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I don't think there is anything available to raise them up. A set of armrests is probably the best solution. With armrests, the pillion passenger won't have any need to hold the grab rails.
yesss armrest is a great solution and very comffy
Ditto on arm rest.....she loves it.
Also, got a side pouch for camera, odds and ends.
Drink holder, plus added a gps bracket so she take care of any extra navigation (looking for poi's, hotels, etc) while I try to stay between the lines.
Ditto on the ditto. She will also be able to take naps on long rides. You'll never know it untill her helmet bumps the back of yours. That's usually my que to ease up in the curves so she can enjoy her nap.

Ride Safe,
Clutch gone need a step by step

Clutch gone need a step by step to replce it on my son's gl1500 1992 or a link to a how too thank you Ken
A taller set could be fabricated easily enough. ANy idea how much higher she would want? If you get too high it'll make getting in the saddle more difficult. The armrest are a good solution, they swing out of the way when entering or exiting. Plus, you could tie a rope betwixt them and she can't fall off during a power nap
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