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GL1500 shifter shaft wobble/play after removing heel-toe shifter

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I have a 98SE I purchased last fall. It had the Markland driver floorboards w/ the heel-toe unit. I found this awkward to shift with so I pulled them off today, replacing with stock shift and brake pedals, and some Kury pegs.

I notice that the shift shaft the shift pedal slides onto seems to almost have a wobble to it. When I shift the pedal up or down it is almost like the entire shaft into the tranny is moving slightly up and down. Not what I expected at all. Is this normal? Or normal with age? The bike has 62k miles on it.

Looking at the boook there appears to be a bushing where the shaft goes into the tranny. Am I reading that correctly? Is this a sign of the bushing wearing? Or a sign of a tranny problem?

Anyone have any related experience?

Thanks guys
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That's normal
I would think that if the bushing is easly removed, now is the time to do that. check with your Honda dealer if it is. maby a special tool.
the shift shaft comes out of the housing . It is splined and has an extension fitted to it . IT could be loose at that connection , although it seems they all have some looseness in the case fit .
The extension shaft is offset from the shift shaft . This will make the shifter pedal move in an arc rather than just a simple rotation movement .
Thanks for the info. Yes it does move in more of an arc, and what definately not what I expected.I thought for sure the heel-toe shifter dorked something up, and it was going to be a $1000 + fix ya know?
Thanks again
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