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Control module dryout tool:

This does work. It's a bit lengthy. Once you make and use it you will be thankful you did. If you can get it in the box and pull a vacuum, you can dry anything out. Simple physics.

Get a waterproof military ammo box (with a good seal).
Go to a HVAC supply house (or W.W. Grainger) and get a standard brass HVAC Schrader port fitting with a braze-on stem.
Drill a hole in the ammo container lid just big enough to fit the stem, and JB Weld it into place. Be sure the epoxy surrounds the stem for a leak-free fit.
Go to Harbor Freight and get an automotive R-12 to R-134a fitting conversion kit. Use the low side fitting, and screw it on to your epoxied brass fitting.


Go to your local Autozone, or an auto parts supplier that loans/rents tools.

Borrow a HVAC vacuum pump and an AC gauge set.


Put your module in the ammo can and close it up.
Hook the low side hose of the AC gauge (blue) to the ammo can fitting.
Hook the center (yellow) hose to the vacuum pump.
Make sure the hi side knob (red) is completely closed.
Turn on the vacuum pump and open the low side knob. You should see the needle pull into a vacuum. The gauge should read at least 26 inches of mercury, or you have a leak somewhere.
Leave it running for a couple of hours. The vacuum will lower water's boiling point enough to get rid of it all.

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1 - 1 of 102 Posts
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