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GL1500 Underwater

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My 96 goldwing aspencade got caught in a bad flood where I work. Although it was in motorcycle parking the drains backed up in the lot and my bike was under water. I was told the seat was under water. I checked my side saddlebags and water came out when I opened them. Although this was a few hours later, the bike wouldn't fire. It would crank over but thats it. I had exactly 215000 miles on the odemeter. I pulled the starter(it finally did stop cranking) and when I took it apart, water came out and the armature is shot as well as the brushes (only had 10000 miles on the starter rebuild).
I am currently in talks with the my job as to if I will get any money for repairs. Of course I had just dropped my full coverage insurance 6 weeks ago.
Question, I have parts coming to rebuild the starter but I know that will only fix the cranking portion of it. I'm sure it still won't start. I have fresh oil in it and the old oil didn't look too bad so I 'm confident not much water got in the engine. What can I look at and where will be my coil packs or ignition system for my wires be should I not get spark? Thanks for your help-I can't afford to replace this bike at this time.
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My insurance was 700 a year and have had full coverage since I bought it in 2000. Not one claim by me but my family members is what screwed me into dropping or being dropped. I don't plan on selling bike but instead ride it till she locks up or blows up. I bought the bike with 19000 miles on it and ride 375 miles a week to work rain or shine. I refuse to give up on a ride due to water intrusion that was entirely not my fault. Had I drove it into a lake or something that would be a different story. I have AAA platinum coverage so I'm covered in that respect and I won't ever be taking this bike on any trip more than 100 miles one way. If after all this and carbs will need to be rebuilt that isn't bad seeing how I have never touched them in the 215000 miles on her.

Do you feel like people are shoveling dirt on your bikes coffin as your trying to pry the nails out of the box??? Wow!

If it wants to run with starting fluid then I say run with it!!

Drain your tank and remove the carbs and clean them up a bit to see if you can actually sustain the bike running. If you can then remove the carbs again, rebuild them properly and get the bike running. Change the oil a few times this season and make sure the crank case drain tubes are clear.

Go over the systems of the bike and clean them and then ride ride ride and ride it more. It’s not going to lock up or blow up. You will be surprised.

Sure… you may have an electrical gremlin in the future but chances are it would be in a connector somewhere. Cross those bridges when you come to them.

Long and short of this is that people love to play on negativity. They love it. Turn to any news cast and you will see that. Rarely is good news told. Have faith and go for it. PROVE THEM WRONG!!! That is their experiences… not yours to come.

Great luck and best wishes to you!
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Yep, I tried a shot of starting fluid and it really wanted to run. Happen to look at fuel gage and it is showing full when it should be a 1/4 tank.
Tank is full of water. Now, how do I drain my system.
Get 2 big burly guys to pick the OL GIRL up and turn'r over. That'll drain everything.
Our Wings don't mind a little moisture, some of us live next to rivers, lakes & oceans where there's TONS of condensation in the air.
I've got caught in 3 down pours with my '91 Interstate w-144K never skipped a beat.
Dry'r out, get'r go'n and ride'r. .
Don't let these guys bring you down. You will get her running again. Did you get the water out of the tank?
Water is out of tank and tank is clean. No rust just shiney steel. Also got word from my work that they will pay me 500$ towards repairs for the bike. I took it. I have right now 351$ invested in parts and about 20 hrs of my time. Carbs are drained and fresh 93 octane in tank. Hope to have it running this sunday and be riding back to work on Tuesday. Never realized how much I miss riding. Going on five weeks now.
Great to hear about the company chipping in something.

Please let us know the minute you get it fired up!

never realized how much i miss riding. Going on five weeks now.
Vroom! Vroom!!!
We're all cheering for yah!
Bad news. I thought I was helping by blowing air in to the line by the valve at the fuel tank filler. It did, blow air and water out of bowls but in the process, I lost one of the drain screws as it was too loose. I found the screw and saw it long enough before it dropped and disappeared. I assume no spring behind it?
No springs as far as I know. I don't remember any when overhauling my carbs. Just the drain screw with a small o-ring on it.

It couldn't have gone far. Don't force air into the carbs. You will blow something out or drive something in!

+1 With Tim O ring only and it is brass so it will not be picked up by fishing with a magnet.

Your boned. You got 2 chances of finding that thing, slim and none at all. As a last resort tip bike all the way over to right side as flat as possible, if your lucky it MIGHT fall out or roll out to someplace where you can see it. If you can, keep nose pointed down.

No more blowing air into carbs you may have already readjusted your float levels or blown the float needle out of the valve.:)
I lost one of the drain screws for the carb. Apparently they are only available if you buy the bowl too. After many hours of searching on the internet (must put search words in correctly) I found a place in NC that sells the two screws with the orings for 14$ and includes free shipping. I ordered them this morning and they have been shipped. Meanwhile I have put back together what I can and verified that I have fuel flow after the valve(up by the tank) while cranking. Hopefully later this week it will be running.
Good luck to you. If you need a extra pair of hands I just live in Osteen.
Do the plug wells have drain holes like the 1100's? If so make sure they are clear. If there is water sitting in the plug wells it will cause you to not have spark.
No drains but the wells have been cleaned out and I have spark. I'm confident that once I get the drain screw in it will fire up.

I am so eager to see you get this up and running.....

Have you changed the oil yet? I would start stocking up on oil, filters and a couple bottles of sea foam to clean that crank case out once she starts. Someone else mentioned dry gas. I'd run a few cans of that through it for a while also. A good lube on the drive train and I think you'll be ready to go full bore with it once more!!

Good luck with it!
I got the screws in today for the carb drains. I will work on it Sunday as that is my day off from work. I've waited 6 weeks so two more days won't hurt and at this point I don't want to rush it at the end. I have fresh oil and filter. Although the engine has been cranking (to check for fuel and before I knew I had water in the tank) I have been watching my oil just in case there was any leakage that would have let water into the engine. It is good to go. Crossed fingers for Sunday and I will let u know the outcome then. Again, thanks for your support!
Carb drain screws are in(what a pain) and oil is good. Been cranking but no luck. It fired a couple of times but with starting fluid only. I drained the carbs again and got liquid out so I know I'm getting something there. The slides are working on the top end and when I move the throttle I can see liquid (i'm assuming gas) is going in. But not running yet and I'm getting frustrated!
Thru my experiences on my 1500, it takes about 3 miles for the fresh gas to get into the cylinders. That's about 9 oz..
It will take a LOT of cranking to flush thru 9 oz.

Be sure to have the bike on a charger while cranking, (every bikes a little different) somewhere around 12.2 volts the ignition system does not have enough power to light up the plugs.
I had a battery that was slightly weak and if it didn't start on the first 2 seconds, the bike just would not start. I hooked up my little 10 amp charger, and in mere seconds of time, there was enough power to start and it start & run all day.

So if it's starting to want to run with starting fluid, in all basics and what else you've done & said, it sounds like it needs fresh fuel.
If you want more CCA's, jumper cable from your car.
JUST a point,... water molecules are larger than fuel so the fuel filter will (in essance) be plugged up.

BoL (Best of Luck)
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