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GL1500 Underwater

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My 96 goldwing aspencade got caught in a bad flood where I work. Although it was in motorcycle parking the drains backed up in the lot and my bike was under water. I was told the seat was under water. I checked my side saddlebags and water came out when I opened them. Although this was a few hours later, the bike wouldn't fire. It would crank over but thats it. I had exactly 215000 miles on the odemeter. I pulled the starter(it finally did stop cranking) and when I took it apart, water came out and the armature is shot as well as the brushes (only had 10000 miles on the starter rebuild).
I am currently in talks with the my job as to if I will get any money for repairs. Of course I had just dropped my full coverage insurance 6 weeks ago.
Question, I have parts coming to rebuild the starter but I know that will only fix the cranking portion of it. I'm sure it still won't start. I have fresh oil in it and the old oil didn't look too bad so I 'm confident not much water got in the engine. What can I look at and where will be my coil packs or ignition system for my wires be should I not get spark? Thanks for your help-I can't afford to replace this bike at this time.
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On a side note, one of the Sups was killed.... by a girl that was texting. She ran a red....
We would always meet at the bikes at night but that night he stayed later to finish up a project at work.
Always one could figure after the fact, "IF I"..
.. didn't pickup that dropped pencil/pen.
.. took an extra moment to check "x".
.. etc.
the accident would have not happened. So everything seems to happen for a reason but only one really knows what reason it is.
There are so many what ifs in life. Don't you agree????
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