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GL1500 Valve Problem

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Put new cam seals in and after putting it back together have intake valve on middle cylinder on left side not closing all the way. I only took bolts out of cam holder to remove it. Can anyone tell me what I could have done wrong in putting it back together?
Thanks Terry
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Terry there have been some recent postings about lifters adjusting up and removing all slack , causing loss of compression Here are excerpts from a long thread .

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If I remember right there is a stop on the adjuster (eccentric) so it can not go overcenter. I still agree that DaveO could be on track that somehow the adjusters are overadjusted. If that is the case and all has returned to normal it might take a while for the "lifter" to bleed back to normal. You might try checking oil pressure and bleeding the lifters as Dave said. Might be a case where the relief stuck just long enough to "pump up" the lifter. Now it needs to get back to normal somehow IF oil pressure is normal.

It is possible that the relief valve got a small piece of debris jambed between the valve and the bore. Oil pressure shot up. This pumped the lifters up so high it opened all the valves that would otherwise be closed and now the oil is trapped in the lifter so the valves can not close. If you bar the engine over slowly, only a little at a time and let it rest it might clear itself with lots of patience. Turn a little then wait for minutes. Turn again and wait.

I think if it were me I would spin the engine and check oil pressure first as you would be wasting time ifoil pressureis the root cause. I think the odds of bending valves is very low. It seems to me the travel of the lifter is only 10 to 20 thousandths if I remember right. Piston to valve clearance is almost always like an 1/8 of an inch.

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It is now running,what i done was take out lash adjusters,one at a time and turn them over and pump all the oil out of them with a torch tip cleaner,then stuck them in a cup of seafoam and pumped them untill all the air was out and reinstalled them,engine fired right up,and has 205 psi at 4 cylinders and 200 psi at the other 2,just need to check oil pressure,and do a leak down test,thanks to all that left comments,

perhaps this is your problem on one valve and it needs pressure relief .
I cant find them but there are also postings of putting bike on center stand , put in gear and turn the rear tire backwards several times over a day and this somehow will relief the pressure . Sorry I cant find the correct search words for that thread .
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Still having problems with middle cylinder valves. Loosened adjuster cap and turned engine over and vales closed and had 200psi compression, tightened them back down then 0psi. Anyone have any idea what I have done wrong or what to do to fix it.
The adjuster has extended and is not returning, you have to take it out and bleed the oil off like OnaWingandaPrayer described.
First of all...If you remove the lifter. You need to remeasure and SHIM IT!!! Have not seen where anyone has SHIMMED the lifter. As far as the lifter pumping up too much. I have seen them fail and NOT hold oil/pressure. Never seen one hold a valve open unless it is not shimmed properly OR the eccentric is not turned right.
The lifter is suppose to be pumped up all the time. It may bleed down some sitting for a long period of time.
Most cases is the eccentric is mis-aligned!
This is an interference engine. The piston can hit the valves!
Thanks onawingandaprayer. Took them out and bled them and put in a cup of sea foam and bled air out and put them back and she purred like a kitten. Back in the wind. Thanks again.
papa, I'm very happy for you, great job !!! now ride it like you stole it...dave
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