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GL1500 Water Pump

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While getting my 99 GL1500SE ready for the season, I noticed small aluminum metal flakes in the coolant. I drained the coolant...ran water thru the system, and refilled. Ran it for 20 miles or so, looked and saw more flakes. Bike has right at 40K miles on it.

Water pump????

If so, good place to purchase??
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Could have come from rads or head casting also. You never get all the coolant out so the second change flakes could have been in the system already from before. You could pull the WP cover off and wiggle the impeller to see if it's tight, but it wouldn't be an automatic replace with me.
I would guess the water pump.
Is there anti freeze leaking onto the ground? If the bearings in the water pump were throwing out chunks of metal it would have to be leaking quite a bit. I`m thinkiing the meatal flakes came from something else.
No leaks whatso ever. That is why it is really surprising me there are flakes. Not sure what else it could be, I am thinking all there are is coolant galleys all the way thru.
Are you the original owner of the bike? I have seen stop leak formulas you put in the cooling system that has metallic flakes in it.
I am the second owner, have had it since it was 16k miles old. Almost certain the PO did not do anything like that. I have had it for going on 4 years now. Will look at putting a new pump on and see what happens. :sadguy:
First check your old pump !
And when a new one is required , i would only by OEM .(139$ from HDLparts).
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