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GL1500A Compressor problem

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Have recently tried the technique of lifting up the rear trunk complete and removing the rear wheel. this worked a treat. Reassembled bike and then went and checked compressor - no go!
I can not hear the compressor even attempt to work, all wiring seems intact. Any suggestions on what I may have missed. :lash:
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Lift the saddle and check the connectors and that no wires are pinched.
It could be a bad relay or fuse. Swap the relay with another that you know is working to see if they work in another location, like headlights.
Check the fuses with a test light or multimeter on both sides of the fuses as looking only you can miss a break sometimes.

Also might be dirty switches, have you cleaned all your switches this year? Use electrical contact cleaner sprayed in beside switches and work the switch a bunch of times, multiple spray shots, with power off
Have you serviced the compressor this year?
There is a thread on doing that with baking the moisture out of the decadent beads. Use the forum search tool.
Thanks Guys, I will check everything proper this evening. Murhpys law I was to ride to a rally this evening. Small things can be so frustrating. Again thanks for the prompt responses.
Hey, thanks everyone, another check and I realised the connection box near the alternator had been opened, check wiring again and all was right. Although nothing appeared to be disconnected all connections were checked at the same time.

It was mentioned the compressor should be serviced, is this a major job.
I am of the mind now that I need to do more myself to the 'BRB', Big Red Bus.

Higher out put alternator is next after a second rebuild of the original.

Cheers from 'Down under'
Here is a good tutorial on how to service the compressor.
I did mine this morning and it only takes 2-3 minutes in the oven at 300 deg for the baking to turn them blue from pink. Total time was @ 1 hr.(as I had the bags off for a flat fix and moly paste on the splines, and gear lube as I was at the 12,000 mile point since I put on the C/T last summer.
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