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GL1800--2007 throttle stumble

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Hi guys,
After riding for let's say 15 minutes or more until bike is up to full temperature and then shutting it off for maybe 15 or 20 minutes then resuming ride again. When taking off again the Wing stumbles at early throttle opening for a split second then catches and takes off smoothly. The stumble is very pronounced, I nearly dropped her when turning at a stop light. This has been occurring for a while now. I have run several tanks with Sol Tron conditioner in tank. Wing has 80,000 kms on it. Any advice appreciated.
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Just a thought, but how much play do you have in your throttle cable.. I you hit the gas and nothing happens, there may be too much play and you may need to adjust it............
Thanks foodman. Checked throttle adjustment, there is not more than 1/16 inch of play in cable, almost no slack. I feel tension as soon as I twist the grip.
I think I know what it is but not what to do about it. It has happened to both my 1800s just after filling the tank. I believe it is vapors form the canister briefly over enriching the fuel before the O2 sensors can take over and adjust or more than they can adjust for. I have an idea but it doesn't occur often enough to do anything about it.
Thanks Dave, this little issue has taught me to be very careful with clutch and throttle when resuming my rides.
I forgot to mention that I have done the ECM reset several times using the long idle method till fans shut off for the second time.
That is just idle learn, has nothing to do with anything else but idle quality.
Thanks again guys, I'll keep trying to figure it out.
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